October Pastor’s Pen

Well, you can definitely tell the Seasons are changing. The days are getting shorter, we’re enjoying those cooler temps, the leaves are changing colors, some are even falling off the trees already and were beginning to see the Farmers in the fields. If the Seasons tell us anything about our God, it’s the fact that they remind us of His faithfulness. Genesis 8:22 says, “While the earth remains, Seed time and harvest, cold and heat, Winter and Summer, and day and night, shall not cease.” So even the transitioning Seasons declare God’s goodness and faithfulness!
Isn’t it amazing how Covid-19 has created so much chaos, confusion and fear, but yet it hasn’t stopped the plans and purpose of God. The virus has delayed, derailed, and cancelled so many plans and events but the work of the Lord continues! Even as persecution comes to the American Church, we know that the Kingdom of God will continue to march on! If anything, I believe God is using this to awaken His remnant Body (soon to be His Bride) and is positioning us to do great and mighty things here in these last days. Just remember, our best days aren’t behind us, but they are ahead of us, so keep your fork, because the best is yet to come! The Bible declares, the latter house will be greater than the former.
Stay focused, be encouraged, be filled with the Holy Spirit, and keep feasting on the Word of God. Let’s keep checking on and encouraging each other, and may we continue to do the work of the Kingdom! You and your families are in our daily prayers. Just because “The Fast” has officially ended, let’s not stop praying.
We love and appreciate you!
Pastor Steve & Debbie

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